The Envelope Please™ enabled hotel guests to express their gratitude by leaving tips and notes of thanks for hotel room attendants in designated envelopes provided in their rooms. Hotel room attendants, predominately women, live on modest wages and work in physically demanding jobs. Yet, unlike other hospitality jobs, they often go unnoticed as they silently care for the millions of travelers who are on the road at any given time. Their hard work is many times overlooked when it comes to tipping. The Envelope Please™ makes leaving them gratuity simple and secure.

Our gratuity envelopes have been used in over 225,000 hotel rooms in the U.S. and Canada, and more than 4.3 million envelopes have been distributed. Feedback from room assistants and hotel guests has been overwhelmingly positive.  We were privileged to have had Marriott International  as our inaugural partner. The initiative is credited with inspiring similar gratuity programs to be adopted in hotels around the country. The Miami Dade County Board of Commissioners recognized The Envelope Please  for its potential to boost the incomes of women working as hotel housekeepers, and in early 2016 the Commission passed a resolution encouraged Miami hotels to join the initiative.